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Section 1
Every School has its own calendar, and most courses are offered every Saturday. Contact with AIC for course availability on your desired date.
Yes, there are certain requirements regarding the level of language that you need to have, and this level is based on the major and the university requirements. AIC team can help to secure conditional offer that will be officially be offered in the case of improving the level of language, either in the country of residence or the country of the university.
Section 2
After finishing the degree, it is authorized by the German government to be able to extend your visa for another two years, where you can either work or start a new degree.
Language offer:
1. Passport photo.
2. A certified copy of the latest academic qualification.
3. A financial guarantee or a bank certificate. (Applies only to USA/Canada applications)

Bachelor offer:
1. Passport photo.
2. General Certificate of Secondary School (3 years) + good conduct.
3. A government financial guarantee or a bank certificate to the requests of America and Canada.

Masters offer:
1. Passport photo + Photos accompanying passports.
2. Graduation certificate + academic transcripts.
3. Number of recommendations (3).
4. Practical experience or a letter from work (if available).
5. CV
6. Proposal letter for school
7. Government financial guarantee or a bank certificate (Applies only to USA/Canada applications)

1. Passport photo.
2. Graduation certification and the transcript of both bachelor's and master’s degree.
3. Recommendation letters (2).
4. Practical experience or a work letter (if applicable)
5. CV
6. Proposal letter.
7. Research plan
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